Shipping Regulations

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Here you will find general shipping regulations for deliveries to Blohm Jung GmbH and its sites.


The following "General Shipping Regulations" are valid for all sites. The "Site-specific Shipping Regulations" describe the respective local incidents at the German sites of Blohm Jung GmbH.


Site-specific Shipping Regulations

Hamburg site

Delivery address:

Blohm Jung GmbH
Kurt-A.-Körber-Chaussee 63-71
D-21033 Hamburg, Germany

Delivery times : Mon-Fri: 06:30 - 15:30

Göppingen site

Delivery address:

Blohm Jung GmbH
Jahnstraße 80-82
D-73037 Göppingen, Germany

Delivery times: Mon-Fri: 06:30 - 15:30