Customized tool and die and mold solution

The CNC control is a combination of the proven SIEMENS 840D solution line and the JUNG engineered  tool and die and mold construction. The software is particularly suitable for single part and small series production on the J600 or PLANOMAT HP.

Your advantages:

  • Economic and flexible
  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Various optional grinding programs: Rough machining, plunge grinding, path grinding Z/Y and X/Y, Z-axis lateral positioning, face grinding, punch grinding by foot

GripsProfile is a software enhancement for all JUNG machines. This option allows users to quickly and easily create contours for a grinding wheel that is to be profiled. 17 standard profiles are available in the basic version of the software. With the full version and the additional CAD tool, any desired profiles can be created. Path grinding tasks in the longitudinal and lateral direction can easily be solved. This only requires one CAD drawing. The optional distortion of profiles, for example, the relief grinding of broaching needles and clearing plates, is possible with the software.