Your rebuild opportunities at JUNG

A machine overhaul at JUNG can be individually tailored to your needs in the modular system. Choose between individual assembly overhauls or opt for a complete rebuild of your machine.

Tip: A time-lapse video of a complete rebuild can be found at the bottom of this page.

Guideway overhaul

In a guideway overhaul, the double V guides of cross slides, table and bed (optional) are first ground together. The result is a perfectly coordinated machine geometry. The procedure is the same as for new machines (type H and J series). During this exclusive machining method, a surface hardening takes place and the tried-and-tested cross-hatched finish (other areas of application: medical technology, automotive industry) is ground into the guideways. However, it is only through the combination of guideway grinding and subsequent scraping of the table that the unique precision and longevity of a JUNG grinder is created.

The decades of know-how of our employees and constant quality checks combined with the use of our special machines are the guarantee for the highest quality and accuracy of your JUNG grinder.

Duration: approx. 5-6 weeks

Grinding spindle overhaul

The condition of your grinding spindle is extremely important, because it is the direct contact to the workpiece via the grinding wheel and it determines the quality or waste. After a grinding spindle overhaul, you will receive a new product for the highest demands.

Machine types: F, H, J, C, JT series

Duration: mostly available in exchange from stock


Not only is technology crucial these days, but the appearance of a plant also plays an increasingly important role. Re-varnishing significantly enhances your machine and has a positive effect on the presentation of your machine plant.

After extensive dismantling of various machine elements, highly stressed parts are sandblasted to create an optimal basis for our multi-layer paint.

Duration: approx. 3 weeks

Dressing unit overhaul

Another core expertise of JUNG is the dressing unit, which ensures reliable contour accuracy. If there are signs of wear and tear, you have the option of an overhaul. In doing so, the dressing unit is brought back in a new condition. After dismantling, all spare and wear parts are replaced and if necessary guideways are newly ground. The device is then remounted and aligned by a service technician.

Types: MA65, AF65/100, HF50, PA30/31/37/120/130

Duration: 2-4 weeks depending on type


We are very keen that you are state-of-the-art without having to exchange all of the technology. For these cases, we offer various upgrades, such as

  • Upgrade automatic centralized lubrication
  • Update of individual or multiple measurements
  • Update digital display
  • Upgrade dressing unit
  • Upgrade technology (e.g. feed grinding, plunge grinding, face grinding, etc.)
  • Update machine control
Loan equipment

While your device or machine is in the overhaul with us, you can, as usual, bridge the waiting time with a rented device or a JUNG rental machine, without having to accept a serious loss of production.

Types: PA3x, JF520


We offer a guarantee for overhauls of 12 months or 2,000 operating hours, including the exchanged parts. On rebuilds and machine overhauls with guideway grinding, you get an additional allowance for 24 months or 4,000 operating hours on machine geometry. 

JUNG rebuild in time lapse


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JUNG Rebuild Brochure
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