The modern universal machine

For individual parts production for surface and profile grinding, the JF-N series is the optimal entry-level machine. Simple operation via hand wheels for "quick grinding" and the switchable, automatically expiring program cycles make this machine an indispensable partner for the universal partner.

Touchscreen control panel

All commands are intuitively adjusted via function buttons, step switches and the touchscreen.

Control panel

Allows positioning of Y and Z axes via electronic hand wheel. In this way, the speed of the axes can be variably preset.

Automatic head dressing unit with straightening measurement compensation and V constant

Dealignment orders are automatically compensated with the Y-axis and the set grinding spindle speed is kept constant. The alignment movement and diamond adjustment are programmed via the control panel and automatically executed.  (Option)

The technical data can be found in the Rebuild brochure.


pdf, 6 MB
JUNG Rebuild Brochure
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BLOHM JUNG Overhaul Brochure