The classic universal machine

The JF-i series provides all the prerequisites for user-friendly setting and operation. The clear control with 3-axis position display and conventional controls makes the use of changing grinding tasks a breeze, especially in toolmaking.

Control panel with digital display

All commands configured as self-explanatory via function buttons, step switches and the digital display.

Mechanical delivery with rapid traverse

The height adjustment is operated either by hand wheel (mechanical) or automatically by means of a step motor and rapid traverse buttons.

Manual head dressing unit with straightening measurement compensation and V constant

Dealignment orders are automatically compensated with the Y-axis and the set grinding spindle speed is kept constant. The directional motion is done manually using a hand lever.

The technical data can be found in the Rebuild brochure.


pdf, 6 MB
JUNG Rebuild Brochure
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BLOHM JUNG Overhaul Brochure